An Interpretation of the Nightmare

by Dan LeFree,

I really was impressed by the complexity of your previous Dream and now this Nightmare. I couldn't help but attempt to finish off your story, so here I go:

Stepping into the center of the street, the alien proceeded to eat Charlie, starting by pulling apart his skull and devouring his brain. In response I drew my .38 Special and proceeded to fire at the alien. Instead of harming the alien, the bullets froze in mid-air.

"Your weapon can not harm me," started the alien, "so I suggest you do not try that again."

I had no idea how to stop it, so I watched as the blood smeared alien crunched down on Charlie's ribcage. The whole time I was frozen with fear. The only thought I managed was "THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!". Because brute force was obviously not the answer, I tried talking with the alien:

"Where are you from?" I started.

"We traveled here from another dimension. We have bridged the gap over millions of light years."

"But why did you choose Earth?"

"This is the only planet in the universe that contains animal life."

"Surely your technology would let you clone the foods of your own planet?"

"This is our planet, we come from your future. I am the child you came here to find, only I was exposed to a rare form of rift that brought me to the future. There the others used genetic manipulation to make me as I am, and I was able to lead them here for the harvest. You will join us. We are your future."

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