An Interpretation of the Nightmare

by Karen,

From: Hi David, Incredible nightmare! Due the the death of Charlie who is under 16, I think its time for the aliens to be attacked by the children. You see, the alien have broken a golden rule by murdering a child. Therefore, subconsciously the children are very protective of each other, and are aware of the volient death of Charlie by FEELINGS. Because the children have lived on their own without any adult supervision they are connected by FEELINGS - GOOD, BAD, EVIL, RIGHT WRONG. So when one feels despair, pain, and all of those other feelings, they are united as one mind and the most exquisite child exhibit this superior intellect ( A blind boy - 14 YEARS OLD). The feelings then muster up to develop reason, and this is how the children kill off the aliens, but they must kills off the fetuses first. The fetuses must be liquified before they can be destroyed. This is the only way the fetuses can be destroyed - by injection of a potent fluid. They must be destroyed without moving them because if move the aliens will detect this. Killing the fetuses will kill the aliens. The blind child, however, is unable to kill or destroy the fetus because of the complexity to think in such complex scientific terms. Due to their limited ability to reason with only feeling they are in dire need. The solution: enter the carbaret to plead with the adults. The dancer who is troubled more than anyone else (with the agreement made with the aliens) reaches out to the children. Why the dancer ( who by the way was on vacation when the aliens landed), because she was a scientist who won a noble-prize for her work with liquids and fluids at NASA. NASA had reported her missing with no trace of family. The adults sober up, and retire back to their homes to rebuild their lives. The scientist contacts NASA and a full-scale investigation is launched. The children are the center of the investigation and specialists of all walks of life are sent to help the children, and of course, the adults.

Is this ending to much like a Hollywood ending. Let me know what you think.


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