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This is my homepage. Make sure to put it on YOUR hot list.
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Durham Area

the 708 parker home page
Find out more about the people I live with.
Duke University home page
This is where I go to school.
Duke People
See web pages made by my fellow duke students.
women's studies at duke
World-Wide Web servers: North Carolina
Virtual Tourist - NC Sensitive Map
Welcome to Duke TIP

Web Guides


Virtual Tourist World Map
Virtual Tourist - United States
Virtual Tourist - NC Sensitive Map


What's New With NCSA Mosaic
BoWeb '94 Award Recipients
EINet Galaxy
The Mother-of-all BBS
Who's Who on the Internet
Web of Wonder
Web of Wonder--Individuals' home pages
Gopher Menu
Lot's of Mac stuff.
World-Wide Web Servers
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
Newsgroup: comp.infosystems.www.announce
Homepages - The-Inter.net
Nauticom WWW Server
General Internet Resources
Pointers To Pointers (TM)
a collection of sites that are themselves collections of sites.
Net Happenings
Recent Explorations

Individuals' Bookmarks Lists

Sean Savage's Bookmarks
Beth Heywood's hotlist
A fellow Duke student, who I've never met, but who has some neat links that really helped me get started.
Adam and the gang's favorite web pages
The Abyss
Awesome List
Near as I can tell, this list has nothing but more web guides--over a hundred of them.


A Random URL
I swiped this fromn URouLette. It's the same link they use.
A Thousand Points of Sites
Welcome to the Idea Factory
Some interesting musings about how interactivity will affect the future.
(Spider's Web) Spider's Pick of the Day
Cool Site of the Day
According to Glenn Davis
Lists news groups
The Official "Bottom 95% of Sites On The Web" Site!
Internet 1996 World Exposition

Web Page Development

NCSA Mosaic Demo Document
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Announcements of new WWW servers
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Announcement Services
WWW Viewer Test Page
NetMind Free Services Home Page
GIF Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing Inc.


A1's Directory of FREE WWW Web Page Promotion Sites
WWW Directories



The International Lyrics Server
Internet Underground Music Archive
Free samples!
WA1A The Global Radio Station
They run Tachyon's Real Time Radio (q.v.).
Tachyon's Real Time Radio
I can't get this to work right. Maybe somebody can help me.
Dolby/Home Page
Some cool video stuff is here.
Lyrics server


RealAudio Homepage
Realtime audio over the web right now! This is AMAZING!!! You MUST download this!
iRock.Com - RealAudio Here!
Cool alternative music. Requires RealAudio.
RealAudio Partner Sites
A list of sites where you can use RealAudio. Requires RealAudio.
Welcome to ABC RadioNet
The AudioNet Tuner

Clip Art

Lot's of stuff you can use for home page devolopment: buttons, header lines, stock photos, and more.
Virtual Icon Collection
More home page development art.
WWW Image Examples
Here, too.

Movies & TV


Penn and Teller
Reid Fleming's Janeane Garofalo Page
Janeane Garofalo worship page


Carolina Theater
A great page! And I'm not just saying that because it's maintained by my housemate.
Pulp Fiction
Should've won best picture.
This is the complete script to the movie. There are some subtle differences here, in Tarantino's original script, from what wound up on the screen.
QuickTime Continuum: Main Menu
Lot's of Quick Time movies.
MGM/UA: The Lion's Den
Fun stuff about upcoming MGM/UA movies
MPEG Movie Archive
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with a computer!


TV Nation Home Page
CBS Television Home Page
They're on the 'Net.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Who's tonight's guest?
Welcome to MTV
The Simplsons! (That's Marge, Homer, Lisa, Maggie, and Bart--Not O.J.)
Comedy Central's Totally Free Web Site
Sponsored by the Comedy Central Cable Network.

David Letterman

David Letterman Top Ten Lists
Archives from the Late Night days.
DAVID LETTERMAN--Today's top ten list
Updated daily by CBS.
DAVID LETTERMAN--Monologue Highlights
The best of the week. Updated by CBS.



Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
I am an associate editor for this wonderful feminist publication.


Mother Jones
Home Page for the great progressive magazine.
Advertising Age
Electronic Magazines
Some 'Zines on line.
Welcometh To Thee Haus Of The NRRRD.
A 'Zine. Got a rave write-up in the magazine "Net."


Welcome to HotWired
Wired magazine. Apply here for a password.
HotWired: New Thinking for a New Medium
You'll need to get a password from "Welcome to HotWired" before you can go here.
HotWired: Serial
Serial fiction. Requires a HotWired password (apply at Welcome to HotWired, listed above).
HotWired: Serial - "Seam" by James Sturm, Episode A - Part One
This is really, really wierd and cool. Requires a HotWired password (apply at Welcome to HotWired, listed above).


Project Guttenberg
An INCREDIBLE collection! The full text of many books, on-line.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The whole book, with illustrations, on-line.
Reading (Leisure and Recreation)
From EINet Galaxy.


The Cool Word of the Day Page
Learn a cool new word, and look it up in Webster's.
Hypertext Webster Interface
Look up words in Webster's Dictionary.
Ye Olde English Sayings

Individuals' home pages

ThE wALl
Ross Wolin's Home Page
An adventurous guy.
Raj's UA CoE Home Page
An infamous riverman. He's got some good links.
Joe Kraus
He works at Architext, and is a friend of my friend Brooke Temple.
Martin Feeney's Home Page
Tons of great links.
Maura McHugh's Home Page
Maura is a graduate student studying science fiction and feminism. She has a cool page with some great links (a few of which have found their way here to my list).
Andrew's Home Page
My college pal Andrew. He develops web pages for organizations in the Delaware Valley area, and he does some great work. Check out some of his recent accomplishments.
A fellow Dukie who has a lot of original writings on his page.
Thomas Colthurst's Home Page


The Dilbert Zone
Office Politics


The Internet Index Home Page
Tom Vassos' Web Diamonds (tm)
Create your own newspaper.
The Word Detective
A newsletter discussing the origins of words.
GMO - Tactics - The Weekly Guerrilla Archive

Archives and FAQs

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
The rec.puzzles Archive
IRC Frequently Asked Questions
All about Internet Relay Chat.



The rec.puzzles Archive
Games Domain
A very large collection of games stuff.
Index to Lydia Leong's WWW Stuff
A lot of stuff about MUDs and MUDding.
Sega Saturn
Wow! It's almost like having video games right on your computer. :-)
Contests for cash prizes
Fellowbug's Laboratory
Fun games to play
Welcome to Worlds Inc.


The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Testing the boundries of science.
Zima home page
More than you could possibly want to know about Zima. Requires a HotWired password (apply at Welcome to HotWired, listed above).
The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
Press it.
Zone Silly The
A bigger list of silly stuff.
Welcome to Spatula City!
Care to buy a spatula?
Find the SECRET Message!
Some anti-Netscape propaganda.
Rome Lab Snowball Camera
Throw a snowball at a Rome Lab employee.
Virtual Garage
This is really clever. It's an interactive Garage. Click away!
The first 500,000 digits of PI
It's about 3.14.
Is there a Santa Claus?
Sorry, Virginia. . . .
Deep Thought of the Day
by Jack Handy.
Welcome to c|net online
Download their simulation of the Simpson/Goldman murders.
--= Phun Links =--
Outgoing Mail

Science Fiction

The Worlds of Angel Swan
An AMAZINGLY complete list of Star Trek resources on the Web.
U.S.S. Voyager
The official page, maintained by UPN.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Home Page
A nice fanzine with more HHGttG links.
PGG Table of Contents
The Pan Galactic Guide, loosely based on the Hithhiker's Guide. Tres Cool.
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Trivia & stuff.
Robert Lentz`s Babylon 5 Resources
This guy is obsessed with Babylon 5.


The Spot
Ferndale: Check your secrets at the door.

The External World



Rush is Wrong!

The Way Things Aren't
Rush Limbaugh's Reign of Error, as documented by FAIR.
Anti-Rush Headquarters
Light hearted, but it has some important ideas.

Women's Issues

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
I am an associate editor for this wonderful feminist publication.
The National Organization for Women
Fight for gender equality!
women's studies at duke
Stop the Republican Contract On America.
Feminist Science Fiction
Explore the cosmos AND gender issues.


Vegetarian Pages
Meat is murder!


FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Albany NY Progressive Democrats--RFK Democrats
Some great progressive resources are here!
Mother Jones
Home Page forthe great progresive magazine.
Democratic National Committee
DNC on the web! Check out their "Lighten Up, Rush" section.
Libertarian Mega-List


A Guided Tour of the War on Drugs


The Yahoo collection of Law links.
This is very comprehensive.
Some Law School Outlines
To help you through finals.
More Law resources.
Why does everybody think that (1) because I'm in law school, I'll want to hear their lawyer jokes, and (2) despite the fact that I'm in law school, they know one I haven't heard yet?
No, I'm not a Lawyer, but I play one on TV. . .
Links to other law students' pages.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law
More law resources.
GSU College of Law -- Legal Research Meta-Index
Law resources.
Legal Information Institute
Law resources.

Intellectual Property

The InfoLaw Web - Places
Oppedahl & Larson Patent Law Web Server
FPLC - The Intellectual Property Mall Page - Main Menu
Chicago Kent: Intellectual Property Law Internet Resources
The Intellectual Property Mall Page
EFF "Intellectual Property Online: Patent, Trademark, Copyright" Archive
FPLC - The Intellectual Property Mall Pointer Box Page
Intellectual Property Law Hotlinks


Welcome to the White House
Meet the Clintons.
A Look at President Clinton's Accomplishments
like 6 million new jobs, tax cuts for 15 million families, deficit reduction, the Brady Bill, the President's Crime Bill, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Welfare Reform, Student Loan Program, Americorps, Goals 2000, NAFTA, GATT, and much, much more.
The Yahoo collection of government links.
Environmental Protection Agency WWW Server.
"The second biggest job-killer in America" according to House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who would, evidently, rather have people killed than jobs.
C-SPAN's RealAudio Server
Central Intelligence Agency Home Page
They're watching you!
U. S. Bureau of the Census Home Page
This is pretty demographical.
CyberSpace Marketing's E-Mail your US Government
Addresses for the President, Vice President, members of Congress, and more. See? The Web WILL revolutionize democracy!


Investment forecasts for stocks and mutual funds


Weeather (by gopher)
UofI - The Daily Planet
See a snapshop of the earth, right now, from space. I find it quite chilling.
Get the whether in your town via gopher.
An incredibly useful table of conversions for weights and measures.


The Postcard Store
Send a postcard over the web.
FedEx Airbill Tracking Form
Follow Federal Express packages on-line. This is pretty neat.
UPS Home Page


BigBook Directory Search
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome!
MapQuest! Welcome!
Internet White Pages

Cyber Cafes

Cyber Café Guide version 13.0
Welcome to Cyber Loft


Wired: General Advertising Rates
Wired: General Advertising Rates

Consumer Advocacy

Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.: Home Page
A rare example of self-regulation working.
Alt.Consumers.Free-STUFF Home Page
Free stuff. No catch!


Welcome to Pizza Hut!
Welcome to MIND LOGIC
CD-ROMs by mail.
Flower Stop Storefront
No one to send flowers to? Send them to me!
3A Data InfoHaus Page
On-line marketting
Save The Earth Foundation ArtRock Auction
An auction on Rock and Roll memorabilia (a little pricey).
Welcome to the Metaverse
Lot's of links to cool commercial Web sites.
c@use & effect - Home Page
Interesting, pro-active things for sale. I esspecially like their "Rush is Wrong" bumper sticker.

Internet Service Providers

Business:Corporations:Internet Presence Providers
An extensive list.
Information about WorldWide Access (SM)
WorldWide Access (SM) Home Page
Cookware WWW and Internet Services
About Internex Online, Inc.
Internex Online
Web Communications - Rate Schedules
Ingress Communications Home Page
The Pipeline New York
Self Serve Web/FTP Space

Money Making Opportunities

Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine
Learn from a master! Make lots of money at home.
Invest in the internet!


Charles Whitman Fan Club
This is pretty macabre.
A very good example of how to use the web irresponsibly. It's maintained by my friend Andrew McCoy, with whom I went to college.
Take the test! How pure are you?
The RICHH WWW Archive
Some really well written, occasionally raunchy, stories by the infamous RICHH.
Welcome to Match.Com
Romance online?
Dead People Server